What’s Cookin’ – JoAnn’s Bugle Snack Mix

I am on the Board of a local parents organization.  Since we can’t have a meeting without food, we sign up to provide various salty and sweet snacks for our meetings throughout the year.  Next month, I am in charge of the salty snack.

When I was trying to think of something new and different to bring, I remembered that one of my high school friends (thanks JoAnn) makes a snack out of Bugles.  She’s been making this snack mix for years, but I am always surprised because I didn’t even know you could still buy Bugles.

Bugles were introduced by General Mills in 1966.  I remember that my mother signed our family up to do testing for various new products coming out.  We were in the test group for Bugles.  I didn’t like them.  Of course, I was an incredibly picky eater and didn’t like most everything.

Thankfully, my taste buds and I have come to our senses.  There are very few foods that I do not eat.

This is a fun, easy, and different snack mix to make, and it is very good, full of caramelly, sweet and salty flavors.

Bugle Snack Mix ingredients.

JoAnn uses pecans which is what I used, too.  I also have almonds in my pantry so my next batch will be made with those.  Use any nuts that you like, but be sure not to serve these to someone with a nut allergy.

Gluten Free Note:  Bugles Snacks do not have any ingredients containing gluten in them; however, the bag does include a disclaimer that they may contain milk and wheat ingredients because they are made in a factory that includes those products.  When you Google Bugles, you find a number of gluten-free sites that suggest Bugles as a gluten-free snack.  My sister, who has Celiac Disease, says that she would feel comfortable eating them even with the disclaimer on the bag.

Dump the Bugles and nuts into the brown paper bag.

Melt the butter in the microwave, add the brown sugar and corn syrup and mix well.  Microwave this mixture on high for 2 minutes.

Remove from microwave and stir will with a whisk.  Return to the microwave for another 2 minutes.

Carefully, remove from the microwave.  The bowl and contents will be very hot!  Add the vanilla and baking soda and stir well with a whisk.

Carefully, pour the hot mixture directly onto the Bugles and nuts in the brown paper bag.

Roll up the top of the bag and shake well.  Return to the microwave on high for another 1½ minutes.  Carefully, remove the bag and shake well.  Return to the microwave for another 1½ minutes.

I had to scrounge to find a brown paper bag since I use the reusable ones when I go to the grocery store.  Yes, this one was from last Christmas.

Carefully, remove the bag and shake it hard (be careful because by now the bag is getting a little soggy on the bottom).  Spread the contents onto a sheet pan or cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.

Break it apart using a large wooden spoon.  Allow to completely cool.  Store in a tightly sealed container.

Serve to family and friends.


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