Our Empty Nest – An Unexpected Consequence, Part 2

Okay, so a few weeks ago I talked about the unexpected consequence of our newly empty nest (see story here) – our once reclusive cat has come out of her shell and has become a demanding little pest.

She misses her girls.

So she’s had to find a new human to love on her.

And it ain’t me.

Every night she comes to visit with us.  And I use the term “us” very loosely here because she’s really only interested in one person.

Last Saturday night, I decided to snuggle up next to my DSH.  This is what Angel the Cat did.  She stared up at me in utter indignation.  I was sitting in her spot.  She started meowing – very loudly – while staring directly at me.

Until I moved.

After which she reclaimed her rightful spot next to her human.

Good grief – when DSH and I used to kiss or snuggle when the kids were around, they objected loudly.  Get a room!  Ewww.  Disgusting.

Now the kids are gone, and I have to compete with the cat for my DSH’s attention.

Oh, and I’ve turned into the freakin’ old lady who takes pictures of her cat and posts them on Facebook.


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