Spring Cleaning or Not

I’ve never really done Spring cleaning.  I do keep a very clean and organized home, but it is more related to the fact that I am rebelling against the household in which I grew up.  One that was chaotic and messy and dirty – physically and emotionally.

My childhood home.

Keeping a clean and organized home helps me to keep my mind calm because I associate messiness so much with the messiness of my childhood.  A childhood that was filled with chaos.

So, I tend to clean things in an organized fashion.  Big cleaning jobs, like washing windows and screens, are done separately from routine stuff.  And I have never reserved big cleaning projects to a single time of the year.

So, while I do not normally do Spring cleaning, I did put downsize (#6) on my New Year’s Resolutions list for this year.  Part of that is cleaning out and organizing drawers, closets, and cabinets.  As I said, normally, I would approach this task in an organized fashion.  But not this  year.

Over Winter break, our middle child decided to go through all of her things.  She is looking ahead to college graduation in May and anticipating that she will not only be moving out of our home, but that she will be moving away from our home town.  That’s when it started.

The Three Little Girls.

All three girls cleaned out their closets and drawers, traded some clothes, shared some with friends, and made a huge pile of stuff to donate to Goodwill which really helped on our charitable donations on our taxes.

Then we had the leaking kitchen faucet and the leaking washing machine and the leaking car.  We now have part of the kitchen cabinets cleaned out, the laundry room taken apart, the garage in a state of being reorganized.  My office is torn apart since I finished taxes and went through all the paper files to be shredded.  These papers are now sitting on the family room floor next to the shredder because my plan is to shred in the evening while watching tv.  By the time I get to the evening; however, I just sit and read and work on the computer and watch tv.  The shred pile is just sitting there.  Gathering dust.

And now one of the girl’s bedrooms is emptied because I got this brainstorm that I needed to start cleaning carpets.  Furniture and stuff is piled in the hallway and two other bedrooms.  My home has never been in such a state of disarray.

Yes, it’s starting to bug me.  But I’m not getting so worked up about it (yet) that I’m actually finishing any of these cleaning projects.

I’m finding that it’s actually easier to have multiple projects going on now that the kids aren’t home.  If they were home, the contents of my laundry room would not be sitting in my dining and kitchen and the obsolete items from cleaning out the drawers, closets, and cabinets wouldn’t be sitting on my dining room table and the shred pile wouldn’t be sitting in the middle of my family room floor and my daughter’s bedroom furniture wouldn’t be in the hallway and another bedroom.

It’s only 3½ weeks until the first kid comes home for Spring break.  Each of our three college kids has break on a different week in March.  We haven’t decided if this is good or bad yet.  It means we get some individual time with each of them, but it also means that our new routines will be disrupted for three weeks.  We remember how sleep deprived we were over Winter break.  Ugh.

With regard to my New Year’s resolution and all of this Spring cleaning, I better get going before kids start coming home from school and Spring really gets here.  Maybe I’ll just call it pre-Spring cleaning.

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