What’s Cookin’ – Valentine’s Shortbread Cookies

Next week is Valentine’s Day.  I think Valentine’s Day is a dumb holiday.  Call me a Valentine’s Day Scrooge.

My DSH loves Valentine’s Day.  Every year he buys his girls (the ones still left at home anyway, he stops after they move out) a bunch of cheesy Valentine’s Day stuff.

I usually prepare a nice meal to share together at least partly because I love to feed my family nice meals, but also because I think the pricing and limited menus offered by restaurants for this holiday are crazy.

I’ve been making these Valentine’s Shortbread Cookies for a few years now, but over time I have been tweaking the shortbread recipe until I have one that is my own.

I love shortbread cookies.  Dip them in some good chocolate and you have a simple, yet elegant little dessert.  The beauty of these cookies is that they actually taste better after a few days unlike most cookies which go stale quickly.

I hope you enjoy these little treats.  I know that I enjoy making them, sharing them, and eating them, too!

Shortbread Cookies ingredients.

Shortbread cookies have very few ingredients and no eggs or leavening agents.  A few things to remember:  Make sure the butter is softened to room temperature (not too soft and not too hard).  Make sure to spend time creaming the butter and beating the sugar into it.   Five minutes seems like a long time, but you will end up with a light yellow and really creamy mixture.  Do not overmix when adding the flour and use flour sparingly when rolling out the dough.

Use an airbake cookie pan or layer parchment paper on a regular cookie sheet.  You will be cooking them in a low oven and a little bit more slowly than most cookies.

You want them to be baked but not browned.

The cookies are good as is, but adding a coating of chocolate to them makes them a little bit more elegant and appropriate for the holiday.  Chocolate screams love and Valentine’s Day to me.

I just dip the bottom edge of the cookies in the melted chocolate.  If you haven’t overheated the chocolate, you will end up with a nice thick layer that will take about 30 minutes to completely harden.

This batch made 44 cookies.

In spite of my Scrooge-like attitude toward Valentine’s Day, I do love to make and share these with my family.


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