What’s Cookin’ – Chocolate Chip S’More Cookies

I recently saw a post by Pillsbury for a cookie called S’more Chippers, a chocolate chip cookie with a melted marshmallow and chocolate on top.  Yummy.

I love chocolate chip cookies (who doesn’t), and I love to make different varieties.  I like the standard ones with semi-sweet chocolate chips, but I also like them with the bittersweet chips, milk chocolate chips, and I even make a triple chip version with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate chips.

While the Pillsbury recipe calls for using pre-made, refrigerated cookie dough, I decided to try this with a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I had a 3-pound bag of really good bittersweet chocolate that I recently found being sold in the local food warehouse.  I love bittersweet chocolate and decided to try making these cookies using the recipe on the back of the bag.  You will need 2 12-ounce bags of whatever kind of chocolate you prefer if you do not buy it in bulk like I do.

Make a standard recipe of cookies.  My batch made 5 dozen cookies, but I could have made them a little smaller and made 6 dozen cookies which would have used an entire bag of large marshmallows.  A 10-ounce bag contains about 36 marshmallows which you will cut in half for these cookies.

Here are the marshmallows which I cut in half with a kitchen shears.

Here is the tricky part.  You will need to bake the cookies until they are about 2 or 3 minutes from being completely baked.  Remove the partially baked cookie tray from the oven and gently place a marshmallow piece into the center of the cookie.  Return to the oven to finish baking for 2 to 3 minutes.

Remove the completely baked cookies from the oven and allow to cool for 2 minutes.  After 2 minutes, gently press the marshmallows to flatten them.

Allow to cool on a rack.  I use parchment paper so I can just slide the cookies off onto the racks and allow them to cool without trying to move them while they are too soft.

Here is what they look like while they are cooling.

While the cookies are baking and cooling, prepare your chocolate topping.  Using the same type of chocolate you used in the cookies, melt 1½ cups of chocolate pieces by microwaving in 30-second intervals at 50% power.  When the chocolate is almost completely melted, add 1½ TB of shortening (not butter or margarine) and stir until perfectly smooth.  You do not want the chocolate to be very hot, just melted and smooth.

Using a teaspoon, drizzle about 1 teaspoon of chocolate over the marshmallow. Use the back of the teaspoon to spread the chocolate over the marshmallow.  It took a few tries, but the technique ended up being easy and quick once I figured out the best way to drizzle and smooth without making a mess.

You will need to allow the cookies, coated with chocolate, too cool until the chocolate is hardened, about 30 minutes.  I will admit to sampling a few while the chocolate was still warm and soft.

I also liked having the marshmallow and cookie show under the chocolate (like in the S’more Chipper recipe picture) although having a cookie completely coated in chocolate sounds like a totally decadent idea, too!

These were really rich and yummy.  I would recommend that you try these even if you go the refrigerated cookie dough route – they are that good.

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