Our Christmas Blessings

Four of our five kids are home for Christmas.  Like Thanksgiving, their arrivals occurred over the span of several days.  Like Thanksgiving, we are in full scale sleep deprivation mode as the college kids’ schedules are sleep all day and stay awake all night.

As I write this post, I am working on last minute holiday details.  Yes, there is always one  more gift to purchase and wrap.  The Christmas Day menu needs to be completed and last minute groceries purchased.  And there’s always a need to spruce up the house a little right before guests arrive.

But, while I do all of these things, I am thinking about all of our Christmas blessings.

DSH - my greatest blessing is my life partner.  He’s also a great daddy.  He had great fun smoking Cuban cigars with his babies in Costa Rica.

Our children including our son-in-law are blessings to us.  Even if we have our challenges from time to time.

My sisters.  I cannot imagine life without having sisters as my closest friends.

My sisterhood of friends.  I am blessed with many women friends.  Women from high school.  Women from Mothers of Twins Club.  Women who are the parents of my kids’ friends.  Women from church.  Women from my neighborhood.  My life is blessed and more complete with my women friends – new and old, young and old.

We were blessed to gain a new nephew this year, to have a nephew live with us for awhile, and to get to know our extended family better at our first ever family reunion.

I am blessed with great in-laws from whom I have learned patience, compassion, and forgiveness.  They also like to have a good time and are great fun to be around.

We are blessed with many friends.  Some we have known since elementary school and have been known to share embarrassing stories about us with our children.

I am thankful for my Christmas Blessings.  I hope you are blessed with family and friends with whom you will be able to spend time this holiday season.  Blessed with those whom you love and who love you back.

Merry Christmas!

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