Fun and Games at Thanksgiving

Over a period of seven days, our five girls all made it back to our hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday.  As each one arrived, the decibel level in our home increased geometrically.  You would not use the words quiet and demure to describe any of our five girls.

Here are some examples of the shenanigans that went on over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

We had two Ryan’s at Thanksgiving dinner.

My son-in-law, Ryan.

Boyfriend Ryan.

Both Ryan’s chose to eat one of the turkey drumsticks for dinner.  Two Ryan’s, two turkey drumsticks.

As they both picked up their turkey drumsticks to eat, our oldest daughter threw down a challenge.  The first one to finish would be “Real Ryan” and the last one to finish would forever be known as “Other Ryan.”  Let’s just say that I’m glad I was eating in the other room.

You would be mistaken if you believed that it was non-competitive in our household.

After dinner, our five girls posed for a picutre holding each other’s “food babies.”  Yes, they are also a creative bunch.

Other Ryan (yes, he lost) and Jacob and Just Dance 3.

Yes, this is becoming an annual event.  Make all the newbies, especially new boyfriends, humiliate themselves playing play Just Dance.  It’s like an initiation or hazing or something.  Good sports tend to stick around.

Getting all five girls awake at the same time, during the daylight hours, and prepared to take a picture for our Christmas card was like herding cats.

I haven’t heard so much whining since I had two year olds.

What do an old man and an almost college graduate have in common?  Well, beer and mining, of course!

Everyone seemed to have a great time over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  It was loud and wild and crazy with lots of sleepless nights.  Once we recover, we’ll be looking forward to the next round of holidays.

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