Five Roads Home

We are really looking forward to this Thanksgiving holiday week.  That’s because all five of our girls will be home together for the first time in 2 years.

At this point in our lives, you never know when that might happen again.  Over the course of 7 days, all of them will manage to make it home.  They will all be here at the same time for just 3 full days.  Then they all start leaving again.

Our oldest daughter just moved to Tucson, and will be the first one to come home.  This is the picture of her that pops up on my phone when she calls.  I love it not only because she is beautiful, but because it’s a quirky and fun picture.

Our middle child will be the next one to make it home.  I nabbed this photo from her FB  page.  She recently got upset at me for posting a Christmas Card picture of her when she was younger.  She claimed it was an embarrassing photo.  Quite honestly, I consider this picture to be much more embarrassing than the one she complained about.

Our youngest daughter will be the 3rd one to make it home.  She is our first child to put a tattoo on her body, and she made me swear not to blog about it or to post a picture of it.  Then she posted this photo on her FB page.

Here is our second youngest daughter.  She will be the 4th one to make it home.  She likes piercings.  Her most recent piercing is over her eye.  My blog about this generated some of the most lively dialogue of any post to date.

Our 2nd oldest daughter will be the last one to arrive home.  And the first one to leave.  She recently got this tattoo which she thought about for over 5 years.  It is a saying that I shared  with her when she first came to live with us.  It’s kind of her mantra.  So, yes, I have some ownership in this tattoo.

The last time our 5 girls were all together was 2 years ago.  We are looking forward to having as much fun with them this time as we had with them the last time!

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