An Afternoon At The Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum is currently featuring a special exhibit, Monet’s Water Lilies.  It’s a small exhibit in terms of number of pieces shown.  What it does do is to bring Monet’s famous Agapanthus triptych, Water Lilies, together.  This three section piece of art was sold off to three separate museums and is rarely seen together.  Together they are 42 feet long.

I had the opportunity to visit this exhibit through the Alumni Association of the University of Dallas which included a private tour with an art historian from the university.  So I asked dear sweet hubby if he would like to do this with me.

His answer.

“Is it something I’d like to do?”

Pause here to let this sink in.

Marriage, like all relationships, involves give and take.  Sometimes one needs to be reminded of this.

I reminded DSH that, although I am not a huge sports fan, I recognize that he is one.  Just a few short weeks ago, I went to extra special lengths to ensure that he not only got to sit down and watch all of the playoff and World Series games of his beloved St. Louis Cardinals, but that I fed him all of his favorite meals.

“Is it something I’d like to do?”

Pause here to let this sink in.

I ordered the tickets.  We attended the exhibit.  We had a great personal tour – much better than the audio versions.  We got drinks and appetizers with the group afterward.  We had a really good time and learned something, too.  I added a visit to Giverny to my bucket list.

“No, dear.  It’s not really something you would like to do, but maybe, just maybe, you might want do it with me because it’s something that I would like to do and unexpectedly maybe, just maybe, you might enjoy it, too.”

Statue of Saint Louis outside of the Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park, which is currently undergoing an expansion.  Monet’s Water Lilies will be on display through January 22, 2012.

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