Happy 50th Birthday to My Baby Brother

It’s been an eventful year for my baby brother.

Earlier in the year, he learned that he had a son.  I talked about that here.

This past month, he got married.  For the first time.  I talked about that here.

Here he is as a baby asleep on my mother’s pregnant belly.  He was baby #5.  I am the oldest, and I am less than five years older than he is.  He was the only boy with seven sisters.  Lucky guy.

He has always loved to fish.

And hunt.  Notice the gun on the chair.  Next to him with his praying hands.  My sisters and I love this picture.  We think it’s hilarious.

He is a Navy veteran.

And a fun guy to be around.

Today is his 50th birthday.  By now, he should be receiving some fun birthday surprises from five of his sisters.

Happy 50th Birthday, Baby Brother!

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