What’s Cookin’ – Fudge Striped Shortbread Turkey Cookies Revisited

Last year, I recreated a recipe for a turkey cookie that my mother-in-law used to make for the kids at Thanksgiving.  For a long time, this was my most visited cooking post so I thought it was worth another visit.

This would be a fun thing to make with your young children or for your grandchildren.  The best part is that they are also delicious, and the kids, young and old, enjoyed eating them, too.

Here is the entire post from last year:

For a few years after we were married, my mother-in-law aka Grandma prepared all of the holiday meals.  But, as her children had their families and moved away, traditions changed.  Others were in charge of holiday meals, and she became an honored guest.  Sometimes, she would spend some holidays with us, and sometimes she spent them with her other kids and their families.

Once we had children, we started preparing and hosting holiday meals, and extended family members came to our home.   This was at least in part due to the fact that we had five children and were quite a crowd on our own.

When Grandma came to our home for Thanksgiving, she made the pies and, for a number of years, she also made these little turkey cookies.  The last few years, Grandma has been going to my niece’s house in California for Thanksgiving.  This year she is staying in town and will be coming to our home for the holiday, and I decided I wanted to make these cookies again.  Unfortunately, Grandma never wrote down the recipe.  And I never found her exact version – even using Google.  Really.  So, we talked about them, and I looked at the recipes that I did find, and came up with a close facsimile to the ones that she used to make.

Now, I admit that I do not normally make “cute” food.  But, I used to love that she made these cookies.  The kids liked them, too.  We will have mostly adults and older kids – no one in single digits this year!  Grandma will be making the pies, and I will be making the turkey cookies.  Here is what we came up with for a recipe if you want to try them, too.

Fudge Striped Shortbread Turkey Cookies ingredients.

Grandma used to buy the chocolate covered fondant candies, but I was unable to find them in any of the stores in our area.  I even went to the local chain drug store and couldn’t find them.  So I ended up buying a box of chocolate covered cherries which is the same shape as the other candies and necessary to make the “turkey bodies”.  The large box contained 30 candies, which corresponds to the number of cookies in a package, and they were pretty reasonably priced.  What may be hard to find, after Halloween, are the Indian candy corns so if you want to make these, go buy some of them now.

Melt 2 1-ounce squares of the chocolate according to package directions.  Two ounces will be enough to make about 30 turkey cookies.

I made them in batches of five cookies.  Make sure that you select perfect Indian candy corn pieces.  Each turkey requires one cookie, one chocolate covered cherry, and one piece of Indian candy corn.

Start off by cutting off about ¼” from the edge of each cookie being careful to cut perpendicular to the stripes.  You will want the stripes to end up being vertical to represent turkey feathers.

Take a small knife or spatula and smear a thin coat of chocolate on the flat bottom of the chocolate covered cherry.  Place the candy onto the cookie centered along the cut edge of the cookie.

Take a small knife or spatula and smear a thin coat of chocolate on the flat side of a piece of candy corn.  Place the candy corn on the front, rounded edge of the chocolate covered cherry being sure that the white tip points “down” to the cut edge of the cookie.  You also need to make sure that the bottom tip of the candy corn is even with the cut edge of the cookie so that when they stand up, they will stand up evenly.

Allow the cookies to sit for a few minutes so that the chocolate can harden.

Using a toothpick, take a dab of white decorating gel and make two round circle eyeballs in the front of the candy corn in the top of the brown section.

Using another toothpick, take a smaller dab of black decorating gel, and complete the eyeball by putting a smaller dot into the center of the white section.  Stand the cookies upright and allow the eyeballs to dry and the chocolate to completely cool and harden.

I had a little fun with this and made some of them cross eyed and some of them wild eyed.

The completed Fudge Striped Shortbread Turkey Cookies.  Aren’t they cute?

Yummy, too.

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