This Year’s Garden

It was a tough year for gardening in our area.  After wild weather in the Spring with some late frosts, Springtime snowfalls, thunderstorms, and tornado sirens going off constantly, we entered Summer.

Summer was very hot and very dry in these parts.

It made gardening a tough proposition.  While we got our garden planted in between cold weather spells, and our plants survived that, they didn’t fare so well with the wind.  Many of our vegetable plants were uprooted and were replanted – more than once.  We lost a maple tree and a Bradford pear tree.

We planted a flowering dogwood in the spot where the maple tree had been.  We have had one of these trees in every yard in every home we have owned throughout our marriage except for the one in Dallas.  It is sort of our signature tree.  We love them.

Unfortunately, this one did not survive the summer in spite of being properly planted and watered.  It was just too brutal of a Summer for this tender little tree.

I planted this little trailing rose bush plant in the same bed next to the flowering dogwood.  It didn’t look like it was going to survive either, but it is growing like a weed and blooming in the lovely Fall weather we are having.

We had tomatoes, but they weren’t as large and as juicy as in past years.  The zucchini yielded some beautiful blossoms, but we only harvested a few fruits before the plant just withered and died.  It was torn out by the roots more than once during the terrible windstorms we had in the Spring.  My bell peppers were pathetic.

We did end up with some great green beans and my herbs and jalapeño peppers loved the heat.  I harvested the last of my jalapeño peppers this past weekend, and I’m going to make another batch of Candied Jalapeños.

I cut back my perennial herbs already, but I am still harvesting parsley and rosemary.

The weather forecasters are predicting another really bad Winter this season.  I am not looking forward to that.  At all.  I do not like the cold, snow, and ice.  So I am enjoying the nice October weather while it’s here.

Goodbye garden until next year!

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2 Responses to This Year’s Garden

  1. Marifran Heiligenmann says:

    Did you have GARLIC in your garden this or any year? I planted 2 cloves in a container in early October. Now, I wondering what to do with it for the Winter. Do I leave the container outside all Winter or bring it into the garage or on to the porch? I’m new at this, but plan to plant additional herbs next Spring. I had great success with what I planted in containers this year – 2 kinds of Basil, Mint and Chives. I hope to do Parsley, Boxwood Basil, Dill, Rosemary and Oregano next Spring.

    • Mama says:

      I’ve never grown garlic. I googled it and got lots of hits. Type your questions into google and you should find your answers. Growing herbs is my favorite things to grow and I never stop learning new things not just about everyday uses in cooking but also about medicinal and other uses, too. My favorite herb is rosemary. I use a lot of fresh parsley, too. This year I grew fennel and let it go to seed so now I’m drying seeds. Something new every year.

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