12,367 Miles of Summer Fun

It’s been a busy 4 months in our home.

Our youngest two children graduated from high school.

We took them to Costa Rica.

We took one of our twins to college.  We have actually made four trips getting her settled.

We took the other twin off to college.  We only had to make one trip for this one.

We’ve been to a family reunion.

We’ve made our first official trip as empty nesters.

And we’ve cheered my sister on in her first ever duathlon.

In the process, we’ve logged 12,367 miles by air and by car.  We’ve been to 8 different states and 2 countries, and that’s not counting the additional states and countries dear sweet hubby has traveled to on business.  That’s a lot of driving and flying.  Especially for someone (me) who often doesn’t leave the house for days.

It’s been exciting and tiring and interesting and a whole lotta fun.

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