The First Day of Autumn

It’s been a long, hot summer in most parts of our country.  Many people are looking forward to Autumn or Fall and even to Winter.  Me, I remember how harsh last Winter was, and I am not ready for another one.  Unfortunately, meteorologists are predicting another long, cold, and snowy Winter.  Ugh.

So, the first day of Autumn this year is September 23.  The first day of Autumn coincides with the September equinox.  I learned that people are starting to use the terms March equinox and September equinox.  Do you know why?  It’s because the seasons are reversed in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

That means that the March equinox is the Spring or vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere, but it is the Autumnal or Fall equinox in the Southern hemisphere.  And the September equinox is the autumnal or fall equinox in the Northern hemisphere, but it is the vernal or Spring equinox in the Southern hemisphere.  Who knew that we could now be politically correct when it comes to the two annual equinoxes?

The other interesting fact is that the September equinox does not always fall on the same day.  It can fall on any day between September 21 and 24 and roughly corresponds to when there are equal amounts of daytime and nighttime.  The same thing occurs with the March equinox.

Every time we enter a new season, I hear people talking about how that season in their favorite.  Ultimately, by the time you get really tired of a particular season, you are pining for the next one.  Springtime is a time of new life and re-birth, but it’s also a time of significant weather events with lots of rainy, gray days, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.  Summer days that are long and hot get tiring after awhile especially when it’s one that has set records for heat and hot temperatures.

All of the record setting rainfalls we had last Spring ended for us when we went 2 months with no precipitation prompting drought conditions.

Autumn or Fall is a time of going to sleep.  It reminds me of dying and death as the leaves fall from the trees and shrubs and everything goes dormant.  In our area, we probably enjoy the nicest weather in the Fall.  There is usually a balance of sunny and cloudy days, and the weather tends to be calmer than in the Springtime.

Winter can vary wildly for us in the Midwest.  In the upper Midwest, there is significant cold and snowfall.  We live in an in-between area.  We usually get some decent cold weather, but can go years with no significant snowfall.  We are more likely to get ice rather than snow.  That being said, last year was unusual with significant snowfall and lots of days off school.  I am not looking forward to a repeat of that.

What do you think is my favorite time of year?  To be honest, my order is Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter.  I’ll take a hot, dry Summer over Winter cold, the gray skies of Spring, and the loss of green in Fall.  I hate Wintertime, especially the dead of Winter when there is little sun, it’s cold, and it is dark in the morning and dark in the evening.

What is your favorite time of year?

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