Five Down, None to Go

We moved our third and last child into her college dorm room this week.  She is really ready for this stage in her life.  Her excitement and enthusiasm were contagious.  For some reason, I have been a lot less nervous about her entry into college life than I have been about her twin sister.  I talked about Our Baby the Runner’s move-in day here.

On the way to taking Katy to college, we stopped by her twin sister’s school.  For a third time.  How many visits does it take to get one kid moved in?  We guess it takes 3 visits for this one.

Jacci and Katy – Trip #3.

Our Baby the Runner has decided to forgo college athletics.  It was a tough decision for her, but she decided that participating in year round athletics (cross country leads into Winter indoor track leads into Spring outdoor track) was more than she bargained for.

I told her that I would have to come up with another “name” for her.  And I promised not to post the picture of her tattoo that she got without telling us.

After our 3rd trip to get The Kid with the Tattoo moved in, we were on our way to get the Former Band Geek moved in.  We traveled off the beaten track through the countryside of northern Missouri.  We live in a beautiful state, and it was a gorgeous day for a drive.  This was a good thing since we spent 7 1/2 hours on the road.

Katy’s college roommate with her family.

We had made plans to eat dinner with Katy’s college roommate and her family.  We have had some not-so-good experiences with kids and college roommates, but we are happy to report that Katy and her new roommate seem to be very well suited to one another.

Her family is really nice, too, even though they are from Nebraska and are Cornhusker fans.  My hubby is a Mizzou Tiger and has prohibited his children from even considering any of his former school’s rivals.  Oh, the drama of having friends who are from Kansas and Nebraska.

Katy and her roommate. 

The girls were both able to move in the night before the official move-in day.  It was nice to be able to move-in without all the crowds of newbie freshman and their parents.  Now that we are experienced at moving kids into college dorm rooms, we know that kids don’t really need U-hauls worth of stuff in their tiny rooms.  We have watched as, each year, the amount of stuff taken to school reduces in size significantly.  Our middle child can fit her whole life in her little Toyota Yaris.

Katy with momo and daddy.

So, we unexpectedly did not get to spend the last night with our baby as she opted to stay in her dorm room with her new roommate.  Ready to start her new life.  We were so happy for her.  There were no tears.  Really.

But, I have to admit that it felt surreal to know that there were no kids left at home.

We did enjoy the evening alone, slept in, and left after confirming that, no, she didn’t need us to come by one last time.  We took our time driving and stopped at a winery with a little bistro restaurant along the way.  We argued a little and talked a lot.  We made plans for doing things.  New things.  Things that do not involve children or children’s activities.  Well, okay some of those things may include a Parent’s Weekend or two.

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