Happy Birthday to Our Red-Headed Middle Child

It’s our red-headed middle child’s birthday this week.  She just started her last year of college.  Then it’s off to start life in The Real World.

The last two Summers she worked internships that she got through the career center at her university - experience in her major and, lucky for us, both located in our hometown.  We were happy to have her around.  Unfortunately, this past Summer, she decided to stay with our oldest daughter and her husband, and we rarely saw her.  We pretty much expect that once she graduates that her first job will be somewhere other than here.

Parents’ Weekend, April 2011.

She is pretty much a clone of her daddy.  I call her my hubby’s mini-me.

She works hard, but she likes to play hard, too.  Sometimes too hard.  But, like her daddy, she picks herself up and takes care of business and moves on.

If you had to choose between a kid who always played it safe or one who occasionally took risks, what would you choose?

Well, sometimes you don’t get a choice with your kids.  I, for one, would choose a kid who occasionally takes risks even if those risks sometimes aren’t the right risks.

That’s because I played it safe my entire life.  This meant that I missed out on a lot of fun.  I want my kids to work hard and be responsible, but I also want them to have fun.  Let’s just say that I want that fun to not involve hurting themselves or others.

Okay, moving on now.

This is the picture of my red-headed middle child that pops up on my phone when she calls.

Dear daughter,

We hope you have a tremendous last year of school.  We look forward to seeing what is in store for you in the future.  And we look forward to you paying your own cell phone bills someday soon.


Momo and Daddy

Happy Birthday dear, sweet baby girl!

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