Am I Coming or Going?

With all of the movin’ out and movin’ in going on around here, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

I usually do a bunch of cooking on Sundays, but spent the last one traveling around the state getting two of our three college kids situated in their respective universities.  We go back to get one of them moved into the dorm this next weekend, and the last one goes the middle of next week.

We will have three kids in college in three different cities in three different corners of the state.  While I’ve adjusted to our oldest two being out on their own, the youngest three haven’t really completely left the nest yet.  I can say this because #1 we still claim them as dependents, #2 they still have bedrooms in our home, and #3 we still pay their cell phone bills.

Having them scattered around the state leaves me feeling just a little disjointed.

The pile of college stuff for our two babies sitting in our dining room.  It’s been growing all summer long.

In the meantime, my nephew and his girlfriend moved into our home for a few months as they transition to move across country.

Three move out.  Two move in.

In the meantime, life goes on.  I’m working on coordinating a little family reunion that we are having over Labor Day weekend.

I’m back on the exercise routine and have started walking with one of my twin mom friends every morning.  I enjoy spending time with mothers of little ones.  Makes me feel old experienced.

I had some egg yolks in the frig leftover from making birthday cake so I made some white chocolate Pots de Creme.  Only because I did not have any chocolate in the pantry to make chocolate Pots de Creme.  I ate two of them to make sure they tasted all right.  Sometimes one must make sacrifices.

Then I made some Honey Rosemary Shortbread Cookies to take to a meeting – my new favorite cookie.  I tried a few of them, too, just to make sure they tasted okay.

I’m kinda defeating the purpose of all of this walking and exercising that I’m doing.

When kids leave home, the dynamics in the household changes.  They change again when they come home for holidays and summer break.  But, it’s never really the same again.  They aren’t all the way grown, but they aren’t really children anymore either.  In the meantime, with our youngest ones leaving home, hubby and I are learning what our new normal is too.

We’ve never had a life together without children, and our expectations aren’t yet aligned.  I think I said that the nicest way possible.  To be perfectly blunt, we’ve been fighting a lot lately.  Not sweet little fights where you kiss and makeup before bed either.

I have been dreaming about this day for a long time.  I haven’t really wanted to kick the kids out, but I have been thinking of all the wonderful things that hubby and I can do alone together.  Just the two of us.  Some of those things might just involve a little romance.

We have been so immersed in raising children, that we haven’t taken time to have a life outside of them and their activities.

It’s easy for the pundits to say, “make time for each other” but between working full-time jobs and managing a household and raising kids, how do you find that time?  Me, I like to sleep occasionally.

It’ll all work out eventually.  I adore my hubby (don’t tell him, though, because I’m still mad at him), and we will figure out new and exciting things to do with each other.  Non-kid related things.

Once I figure out if I’m coming or going that is.

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