What’s Cookin’ – Baked Chicken Curry

My sister, who lives in Minnesota, buys Penzeys Spices, and I have been the lucky recipient of several jars from her.  One of my favorites is the Vietnamese cinnamon, which is very strong, and it makes the most cinnamony cinnamon rolls!

She recently gave me a jar of Sweet Curry.  Curry is a strong spice, and I rarely use it with my family of picky eaters.  But I have a very old recipe for Baked Chicken Curry that I used to make all the time.  It’s another 1980s era recipe that I have hand written on a slip of paper.  It makes a gigantic casserole so I re-engineered it to make a smaller batch and to update some of the ingredients.

With the three girls off to college and a new set of victims kids young adults living here, I have new taste testers!  My nephew claims that he eats everything.  He was a bit picky when he was a little boy, but he’s almost 28 now.  Can that be true?

I swear it was just yesterday that he was this cute little boy. 

Baked Chicken Curry – ingredients.

Preheat your oven to 350° F.   Coat a 2 quart casserole dish with cooking spray.

Note on the bread crumbs – Use whatever bread crumbs you have in your pantry.  I just happened to have Panko bread crumbs, but regular plain bread crumbs or gluten free bread crumbs would work just fine.  They just add a nice little crunch and texture to the creaminess of the sauce.

Baked Chicken Curry sauce.

In a medium bowl, combine the Cream of Chicken soup substitute (or a can of Cream of Chicken soup if you must), the mayonnaise, the lemon juice, and the curry.  Mix until well blended.  Set aside.

Broccoli layer.

Place the one pound of cooked broccoli in the bottom of the casserole dish.

Chicken layer.

Layer the cooked, sliced chicken on top of the broccoli layer.

Sauce layer.

Spread the sauce over the top of the chicken layer, and sprinkle the ¾ cup of shredded, sharp cheddar cheese on top of the sauce.

Brown bread crumbs in butter.

In a small skillet, melt 2 TB of butter.  Brown the ¾ cup of bread crumbs in the butter.

Add the bread crumbs to the top and bake.

Sprinkle the lightly browned bread crumbs on top of the casserole.  At this point you can refrigerate until ready to bake right before dinner time.

Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes.  If you are baking the casserole after it has been refrigerated, you may have to add 10 to 15 minutes onto the baking time.

Baked and ready to eat.  Serve over white rice for a complete meal.


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