Happy Birthday to Our Babies

Our middle child left for college this week.  In a few more days, one of our babies will be leaving.  In less than two weeks, our last baby will be off to college.  And our home will be empty.  Almost.

Three kids in college.  Not much different than all the years with five kids in elementary, middle, and high school.  Except a lot more quiet.  With a lot less laundry.  And a lot more tuition bills.

You know?  There’s always a trade off.

My twins’ birth day.  Yes, there is a look of fear behind those eyes.  And I’m not just talkin’ about mine.  I love the look of dread on my oldest daughter’s face.

Before our babies leave for college, we got to celebrate their birthday!

Our babies 1st birthday.  It’s a rite of passage letting 1 year old children demolish their 1st birthday cake.  And, yes, each of our twins have gotten their own cake (or birthday treat of choice) each year.

Honestly, I do not remember their 1st birthday at all.  When the twins were born, we doubled the number of children in our family.  The first 9 months are a total blur.  A blur of dirty diapers, nursing babies, and Barney the Dinosaur singing on the television to our then 3-year old.  Oh, how I hated that song.

You can tell that I was an experienced mom by this point.  The girls are in diapers only which makes for a much easier clean up after!

Our babies 2011 birthday!

We went out to dinner this year, but we did have an impromptu get together with a few friends to share birthday desserts!

They don’t really look that much different than they did on their 1st birthday, now do they?  Except they are wearing shirts and pants.

My favorite teenage boy man brought them some homemade Oreo ice cream.

Okay, they are getting older so I guess I should stop calling them girls and boys.

Sam the boy man made them Oreo ice cream.  I made the homemade Funfetti Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Icing and Cookie Cake which was decorated by my baby with her favorite animal (an octopus).

Happy Birthday to our babies!

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