My Hubby, the Runner

My Hubby, the Runner.


Four years ago, one of our babies decided to join the high school Cross Country team.  Little did we know, at the time, that we would make a lot of new friends with the parents of our baby’s teammates.

This year, one of the parents, decided that it might be fun for the dads to form a team to run in one of the independent, cross country kickoff meets along with the kids.

The girls were the Little Monsters.

Three of them are off to college this month, and the other two are still in high school.  We have really enjoyed the fact that their friendships have crossed school years.

The dads were the Papa Monsters.

Out of all the men’s teams, the Papa Monsters came in 17th (out of 17, but who’s counting?).  They got a 2nd place medal because they came in 2nd (out of 2, but who’s counting?) in the Master’s division (Masters are over 40, but who’s counting?).

The boys were the Dirty Dinosaurs.  Huh?

The boys decided on being the Dirty Dinosaurs, and made their shirts the night before at the pasta dinner.  The fronts had a dinosaur, and the backs said, “RAWR.”  Cute.  These boys all ran or run for the same high school, but they range from a high school sophomore to college sophomores.  We really enjoy the fact that their friendships are crossing over the years.  Many people, and we were among them, mistakenly believe that sports like Cross Country and Track are individual sports, but they really are team sports, too.

They are also sports that one can enjoy for a lifetime.  The oldest woman runner in this kickoff event was 75 and came in 81st out of 83 women runners.  The oldest male runner was 57, and he came in 131st out of 167 runners.

There were also three women brave enough to run with the younguns – a sister and two moms.

Some of us are committed spectators.

My Baby, the Runner with My Hubby, the Runner.

It was interesting that two of our women and two of our men won medals, and our men’s team won a team medal.  Only one of the kids medaled in this event.  So there.

I use the term, won, loosely, however, since once one becomes a Master level competitor, one often wins medals just for showing up and finishing.  Just sayin’.

Hubby’s Booty.

I think my husband is turning girly.  This was his first 5K race, and he won a medal for coming in 3rd in his age group (there were 3 runners in his age group), and he won a team medal for coming in 2nd (out of 2 Master’s level teams).  He was so  proud of himself that he wants to frame his ribbon, medal, and number in a shadow box!

He should be proud of himself.  He was the 3rd oldest runner in the men’s group and came in 158 out of 167 runners, but he was also the 1st one in on the Papa Monster team.  He was happy because he managed to beat one of our women runners by 12 whole seconds.  He couldn’t wait until he got home so that he could check out the stats.

Did I mention that he’s just a little competitive?

Seriously, though, after running his first race, he has a newfound respect not only for the team aspect of the sport, but also for the mental preparedness required to complete the race.  He’s already working on his goals for future races.

My stated goal for him this race and any others in the future – Arrive Alive.

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