25 Days and Counting, Well Almost

We’ve been counting down the days to becoming empty nesters for some time now.  On August 25th, we drop our last kid off at college.  We will be returning home to start life again as a couple.  With a lot less laundry.  And cooking.  And cleaning.

Well, almost.

We came thisclose.

My nephew and his girlfriend last Christmas.

You see, my nephew and his girlfriend have made plans to move from the Midwest to California.  He was born in California so he is sort of moving home again.  I think there is a great allure for young people to live in California.  I know that my second oldest daughter loves it there, and I feel sure that we will never get her to come back.

My nephew, Little Patrick (I talk about that here), asked if he and his girlfriend could live with us for a short time after his lease expires, but before they are ready to move.  They are trying to do this in a responsible way, i.e. have jobs in place prior to moving, for instance.

After a brief discussion, we came to an agreement.  Really, there was only one stipulation and that is that they will have separate bedrooms.

Little Patrick – then and now.  He’s the cutest.

We adore our kids, but we also adore our nieces and nephews.  We’ve had a variety of part-time boarders over the years.

We’re looking forward to getting to know these two a little better which is what happens when you get to spend time living together.

My sister, Little Patrick’s mom.  Yes, she is wearing Harry Potter glasses.

And, indirectly, we get to help out my sister.

Four months and counting.  As our tagline says, “Don’t count your chicks until they’ve flown the nest!”

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