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One of my favorite foods is the good, old fashioned, All American hamburger.  This is really an easy sandwich to prepare, but I have experimented over the years with various cuts of ground beef and add-ins until I came up with this basic burger recipe.

It is my go to recipe even if I am going to try and make a specialty burger like the Jucy Lucy, a Minnesota-style cheese stuffed burger.

This recipe is easily increased – just remember 3 parts ground chuck, 1 part ground sirloin, and 1 TB of stuff for each one pound of meat.

Best Basic Burger ingredients.

The Meat – I have found that the perfect combination of ground beef includes one part ground sirloin to three parts ground chuck.  The sirloin adds the flavor, and the chuck adds the moistness.  My local meat market actually sells this combination in bulk and for half the price of the local grocery store chain.

My recipe is adjusted for one pound of meat, but I always prepare these in bulk and freeze them in packages of four burgers (unless of course I am preparing a batch for a large gathering).

Best Basic Burger – mix everything together in a large bowl.  I use my impeccably clean hands for this job.

The Add-Ins – the most important part of this recipe is to GRATE the onion directly over the meat so that the juices are included.  You do not want to see any pieces of onion.  You want it grated finely to include the juices.  This adds great flavor to the meat.  If your family is like mine, they will not want to eat these if they see pieces of onion in them.

I got the idea to add cream from James Beard’s recipe for hamburgers.  I add it if I have some on hand, but I often make these without it.

Best Basic Burger.  After combining the ingredients, make 6 ounce hamburger patties, and brush, lightly, with Canola oil.

I actually use my kitchen scale to make 6 ounce patties.  With this mixture of ground beef, it makes the perfect size hamburger for the standard sized bun.

I wrap my burgers in plastic wrap, and will freeze them in packages of four burgers.  Burgers need to be completely thawed and brought to room temperature prior to cooking.

Best Basic Burger ready to grill.  Grill room temperature burgers over high heat for 4 to 5 minutes per side or to desired level of doneness.

The beauty of this combination of meat is that, even if you cook these until they are well done, they will remain moist and flavorful.

You can also cook these in a heavy skillet over high heat.  Simply melt a tablespoon of unsalted butter and cook for 4 to 5 minutes per side or to desired level of doneness.

Add a slice of cheese for the last 30 seconds so that it can melt over the burger.

Best Basic Burger – ready to eat.

Serve these burgers on a toasted and buttered bun with a slice of American cheese to enjoy a classic, simple burger.

Other garnishments are optional.


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