Our Last High School Event

The Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to our State capitol for the State Track Meet.

If you had told me four years ago that I would have a kid in high school athletics and that we would be going to State events for that kid, I would have told you that you were crazy.  Our kids play music, do Drama and DECA, and things like that.  I don’t think any of our youngest 4 children even played T-ball or soccer when they were little.

We have now been to a few State Cross Country and Track Meets.  Where our kid was actually competing.  At the State level.  Knock me over with a feather.

It is amazing to watch the talent at this level.  I am in awe of the dedication and hard work that it takes for kids to compete at these events.  Many of these kids are seniors who have already graduated.  Some were even missing their graduations to participate.

The top 8 out of 16 teams receive All State medals.  I think it takes courage to go out there regardless of your chances.

Our high school qualified in 8 events and made All State in 4 of them.  Our kid competed in one event – the first event on the first day.  They came in 6th at last year’s Meet in this event and came in 11th place this year.

We stayed for every event on both days.  Every single kid competed and finished even those who fell during hurdles or dropped batons or got rained on or pulled a muscle while running.

People who are down on teenagers really should watch kids at one of these things.

These are the kids and head coach from our high school who made it to this year’s State Meet (minus one who left after her event to compete in a softball tournament).

This is a great group of kids.  One should never underestimate anyone.  See that short kid in the middle?  She’s our little sprinter, and she broke several school records – more than once.  If she keeps it up, she will be breaking State records before she graduates.  Oh, and she plays basketball.  She’s good at that, too.  She is a fearless competitor.

Our team came in 4th place in the finals in the 4 x 400 relay.  Four girls each ran 400 meters in less than a minute.  Think about that.

For us, the 4 x 400 relay was the most exciting race to watch each of the 2 days of the Meet.  I don’t think we were ranked that high.  We came in 1st place in the preliminaries beating out several highly regarded teams.  All of the girls ran great races, but our little sprinter came from behind and passed several girls to come in first and broke the school record to boot.  Even the coach said that it felt like the entire stadium was cheering for her.

In the finals, we came in 4th place – with a time of 3.55.86 minutes.  And the boys times were even faster.  Amazing.

It really does take a village.  Cheering and yelling from the stands sometimes.

Our Baby, the Runner, hung up her track spikes on her high school athletic career.  It remains to be seen if she will run in college or not.  She did get up early over the weekend to go out and run.  It’s in her blood.

Postscript – It’s official.  Our daughter will be running in college.  She got the call from the coach after I had written this post.  She’ll be running with her friend from high school and future college roommate.  Now I have to digest the fact that I have a college athlete.  Wow.

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