What’s Cookin’ – Roasted Fennel and Italian Sausage Pizza with Garlic White Sauce

Those who know me well, know that I love to make pizza at home.  I have developed my own pizza dough recipe using bread flour because I love the chewy crust that it makes.

I have developed a technique of preheating a pizza stone in a very hot oven and rolling my dough onto parchment paper so that I can cook my pizzas on the preheated stone.  The results are about as close to a pizza shop as you can get from a regular home oven.

I am usually making multiple pizzas when kids are around, and I always have to make my Garlic Shrimp Pizza for them.  In fact, one of my kids and my bonus kid work in a pizza parlor, and they make my Garlic Shrimp Pizza for themselves when they work together.

This past week, I made a batch of pizza dough which makes enough for three pizzas.  I made two pizzas earlier in the week, and had enough for one more pizza.  The dough sat in the refrigerator for several days.  It actually gets better with age.  I just punch it down from time to time if it rises too much.

One of the websites that I regularly visit, featured this pizza recently – Roasted Fennel and Italian Sausage Pizza with Garlic White Sauce.  On Sunday, after working around the house all day, hubby and I were alone, and I decided to use the last of my dough to make it.

As one of my friend has taken to saying, “OMG.”  She’s old, like me, so I think it’s funny that she says, “OMG” all the time.

But this pizza is that good.  OMG.

You have got to try it.

Notes on the recipe:  This recipe makes enough garlic white sauce for two pizzas so I have enough left to make another one of these.  Also, I have some sausage in my freezer that our friends who own the pizza parlor where my kid works couldn’t use because it wasn’t “regulation” sausage.  So I didn’t use really good Italian sausage which would only make this pizza that much better.  Oh, and I baked my pizza for 13 minutes in a 450° F oven.  That is just what seems to work best with my dough.  Other than that, I followed the recipe as written.

You can go to the A Sweet Pea Chef website (link above) for a beautiful step-by-step to this recipe.  But, after putting this together, I just felt that this recipe would be a winner so I took a few pictures.

Here is what mine looked like ready to bake.

Here is what it looked like baked.

About 1/2 hour after this picture, the pizza was gone.  Yes, my husband and I ate the entire thing in one sitting.  It was that good.  And my husband doesn’t care for “weird” foods like fennel.

Little does he know, but he will be eating more fennel since I planted some in my garden this year.

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