My Brother

He was the only boy with 7 sisters.  Most people felt sorry for him.  We spoiled him rotten.  That’s our story.

He’s never been married. We wonder why.

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for my mom or for my brother in this picture.  Okay, my mom wins.  Patrick was #5 in 5 years, and she was already pregnant with her next child.  Little did my brother know that not only would he have  4 older sisters, he would have 3 younger ones, too.

He looks scared in this picture, doesn’t he?

He likes to hunt.  (Look at his gun in the chair next to where he is standing all holy looking.)

He likes to fish.

He was in the Navy.

And here he is a few years later.  He served over in Beirut in 1982.  Let’s just say that he grew up in the Navy.

My brother loves his sisters.  He loves his nieces and nephews.  He loves animals (especially dogs).  And all of us adore him.

Thanks for puttin’ up with us all these years, bro!

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