What’s Cookin’ – Homemade Oreos

I was gone last weekend so there was no cookin’ goin’ on here.  I’m going out of town this upcoming weekend, so there will be no cookin’ goin’ on here again.

But I have been saving a recipe to share with you from one of my favorite food blogs – Smitten Kitchen.

Cookies – who doesn’t love cookies?  Oreos – who doesn’t love Oreos?  Homemade Oreos – heaven. 

I ran across this recipe for Homemade Oreos on the Smitten Kitchen website and knew I had to try them.  They are now a favorite of family and friends.  Here are my notes on this recipe:

1) A single batch of cookie dough will make 36 cookies or enough for 18 sandwich cookies.  I use a 1 1/4″ scoop to make identically sized cookies.

2) A single batch of filling makes enough for 2 batches of cookies.

Solution: Make a double batch of cookies and a single batch of filling and everything works out perfectly.

Note on Smitten Kitchen’s note on sugar: I used the full amount in the recipe.  Why skimp on the sugar?  It is a cookie after all.

These are now a requested item especially with the teenagers coming and going in our home.

Last note:  A friend made these larger and used them for ice cream sandwiches, as mentioned in the original post, and they were also a hit.

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