The Giving Tree

We’ve had a lot of storms lately.  We lost part of a tree in our front yard during one of those storms a few weeks ago.

My dear, sweet hubby went out in the rain and cut up the large limb with a hand saw because his chain saws (yes, plural) both need to be repaired.  Oh, and it got dark, too.  Well, he couldn’t let the tree limb hurt his lawn, now could he?

It was only going to be a matter of time before the remainder of the tree would come down.  When we lost the Maple Tree in our backyard (over a 2-year period), it took us a few months (7 to be exact) to get it removed and replaced.  And I am using “we” very loosely here (as usual).

Here is the tree in late March.  It wasn’t my favorite tree, but it was pretty.  It was especially pretty with the spring blossoms coated in snow.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

Losing these trees reminded me of this book by Shel Silverstein.  My kids loved this story, but I was always conflicted by the message.  Does the tree represent a parent and the boy the child?  Is the parent so selfless and the boy so selfish that they don’t learn the real meaning of love until it is too late?  All the tree ever wanted was to spend time with the boy.   I think it’s a really sad story, but we read it over and over again.

My husband works really hard both at work and at home.  We’ve nearly raised five kids so we’ve been busy with them, too.  It means that we have not spent a lot of time on developing a life with each other, separate from the kids.

I am working to change that.  So, while my dear sweet hubby was out of town, I hired someone to come and take the rest of the tree down.  Yes, I did this behind his back.

This is the new view out our front door.

Quite amazingly, it took the tree company less than one hour to take down the tree.  Actually, it took about 15 minutes.  It took more time to put the limbs in the chipper and clean up the debris than it took to take the tree down.  To me, it was money well spent, but I had to come clean with my dear, sweet hubby.

It was not pretty.  He was very upset with me.  Angry.  That doesn’t happen that often.  Not that I don’t give him plenty of reasons to be upset.  I was glad that he was out of town for a few days so he could calm down a little.

This is what is left of the tree.  A stump.  It’s kinda sad, really.

The rest of the tree had to come down.  My husband could have done it.  He loves doing that sort of thing – working outside and cutting wood is something he enjoys.  But, time is at a premium around here, and, yes, I was being selfish.   Too selfish maybe.  I think it’s time that we start to enjoy doing things with each other.  Before we are too old.

I didn’t enjoy that he was so upset with me, and I don’t like to hide things from him either.  I don’t intend to do that again.  Yikes.

But I do hope that taking this one little chore off the list will allow us to spend some time together.  So maybe this was our giving tree after all.

The End.

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