Divide & Conquer

Anyone who has had more than one kid or, in our case, way more than one kid, knows about scheduling conflicts.  Juggling schedules becomes a way of life for families.  The challenge is not to drop any balls.

We manage our schedules with a monthly calendar that is posted on the refrigerator.  It includes the school schedule, doctor appointments, work schedules, and activities.  The general rule is that what goes on the schedule first takes precedence.

I remember my friend, Edith, having one of those large office supply calendars pinned to her kitchen wall.  She used color coded markers on her calendar.  Funny, but my middle child religiously uses a planner and it’s color coded.

Keeping the calendar is only the beginning of the battle.  Getting to each scheduled event is the bigger challenge.  We have employed what we refer to as the Divide and Conquer method of getting to all of our kids’ events.  Why we use war terminology is beyond me.

What this really means is that over the years, my dear hubby and I have spent a lot of time apart.  The year we had three kids in high school at the same time, we actually had our oldest daughter join us at the annual Open House so that we could have someone meeting each of our three kids teachers!

When all five kids lived at home, the schedule was complicated.  We had three years with one kid in college, one in high school, one in middle school, and two in elementary.  And the elementary school was on a year round schedule.  We had very little corresponding time off so vacations were non-existent.  Not that we could afford them anyway.

This week we had our baby, the band geek’s, last Winter Drumline event (in Dayton, Ohio); a track meet for our baby, the runner; and Parents’ Day in the college town for our red headed, middle child.

Our baby, the band geek, at her last Parent Preview dress rehearsal before leaving for her last band event.

Our baby, the runner, at a track meet.  Track will be going on through Memorial Day weekend.

Parents’ Day at Eta Theta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha.

Next year, we’ll have three kids in college.  In three different colleges.  In three different corners of the state.  But other than getting them to college, getting them home for the holidays, and possibly being invited to Parents’ Weekends, I think our lives will be much less hectic.  And maybe my dear sweet hubby and I will actually spend some time together.  With each other.  Without the kids.

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