Let’s Get This Party (I Mean Garden) Started

We have had wild swings in weather this Spring.  We’ve gone from snow, to cold, to heat, and back to cold and snow again.  Last weekend, we had a teaser with Summer-like weather so we took advantage of it and got some gardening done.

We prepared our planting beds.

Geraniums go into the pots on our front porch.  My dear sweet hubby picked the salmon colored ones for this year.  I had never considered this color before, but it looks nice against our brick.

My flower pots by the garage and in back get petunias.  This is the first year for purple petunias, and I think they look great!

I planted 8 jalapeno pepper plants.  I love jalapenos.

We planted 5 tomato plants – 2 Big Boy, 2 Roma, and 1 Cherry.  I still have tomatoes in my freezer from last year.

Basil loves the heat, and it’s supposed to be cold here again, but these little guys should be all right.  My sage, lavendar, and tarragon wintered over successfully and already have new growth.

We have some vegetables and herbs left to put in, but my favorite nursery hasn’t gotten their supply in yet.  In the meantime, we put a flowering dogwood into the space left by the maple tree that we lost last year.

I love this time of year!  The signs of new life are everywhere, and I am ready for some sunny days.  Let’s get this party started!

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