Sisters’ Weekends

I honestly cannot imagine my life without my sisters.  There were 7 girls in my family growing up, and 5 of us are particulary close.  They help to complete me, and the thought of a life without them is like thinking about living without an arm or a leg.

A number of years ago, a few of us started to take trips together.  Trips that did NOT include our spouses or children.  Not because we don’t love our families very much.  It’s just that us girls found that when we got together as family groups, we were never able to really get a chance to BE TOGETHER.  We were always dealing with children, and worrying about keeping them and our husbands entertained.

After an impromptu trip to San Francisco and the wine country by three of us, we decided that it might be fun to plan trips on a regular basis that included just us sisters.

Sisters’ Weekends were born.  A time to unwind.  A time to bond and reconnect.  A time to share our moments of triumph, sadness, joy, challenges.  A time to just chill out.

To date and by my best estimate we have taken 9 trips together.  Not everyone has been able to make it on every trip and, occasionally, we invite another woman along to share our sisterhood.

We have been to San Francisco / California wine country; Phoenix; Tucson / southern Arizona / Nogales, Mexico; New Orleans (pre-Katrina); Las Vegas; San Antonio (in 2005 immediately post Katrina / Rita); Dallas; Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico; and San Diego.

The last 3 trips have been planned to celebrate a birthday milestone – 50.  Yikes, I remember when our parents each turned 50, and they were OLD.  The birthday girl gets to choose the city and sites to be visited.  The 4th oldest turns 50 this year, so we will be “Sleepless in Seattle” for our 10th Sisters’ Weekend.

Here is a retrospective of some of our trips:

This is on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  We planned this trip for over a year – well before the devastating hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  The weekend we arrived in San Antonio, it was swamped with the latest group of evacuees – this time from Hurricane Rita.  The city was already overwhelmed with Hurricane Katrina evacuees.  We gave up one of our two rooms for a family that could not find a place to stay.  And while we lived in cramped quarters, we had a great time in San Antonio!

We drove from Phoenix to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico for sister #2’s 50th.  I don’t know if we could do that now with all of the drug cartel violence going on, but a lot of expatriates live in this area.  It is on the Sea of Cortez, and the ocean is beautiful there.  The area is known for their shrimp.  I never knew there were so many kinds and sizes of shrimp.

San Diego was incredible.  We celebrated sister #3’s birthday there in the wintertime.  It was unseasonably warm, and we did all of the typical touristy things.  We also got to see some friends and relatives.

I’m looking forward to Seattle – coffee, seafood, and Pike Place Market.  We are celebrating sister #4’s birthday.  We are doing a Savor Seattle tour of the market.  Now that’s right up my alley!

And lunch at the Space Needle.

Can’t wait to share our adventures.

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