#8 – The Baby of the Family

My youngest sister (yes, if you’re following these posts, I’m skipping my brother and 2 sisters) lives in Arizona.  She moved there many years ago with her high school sweetheart.  She signs everything with a #8 after her name.  Just to remind us of her position in the family (#8 of 8).

I don’t have that many pictures of her, but here is one that I scanned from the slides that I inherited when my dad passed away.  She is about 3 1/2 in this picture.

Her legs are rather dirty, don’t you think?  I remember that all of us carried her around a lot.  I don’t think her feet touched the ground for years.

Susie is petite and cute.  She also has a very husky voice.  The nuns used to make my mom take her to the doctor each year to get her larynx checked.  They were convinced she was diseased.  No cute little girl should walk around with a voice like THAT.

Here is another picture of her that my dad took when she was around 17 1/2.

She lives in Arizona and has two children – a daughter and a SON.  She loves animals and her home has always included dogs, cats, horses – iguanas.  She loves to ride, and we enjoy the pictures of her riding in the desert.

Her are two pictures of her on her horse that I snagged from her FB page.

Hey!  Get down!  That’s dangerous!  You should know better than that!  You could kill yourself or break your neck or something!   Sorry!  Flashback!  Excuse me, she’s a grown woman now.  She knows what she’s doing.  I hope.

And here is a picture of her children taken a few years ago.  They are adorable, too.  Her daughter looks eerily like her.

And here are their dogs – Leonardo da Vinci (Leo) and D.O.G.  (pronounced DeeOhGee).  Cute names, huh?

We haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with her and her family over the years.  We would have liked for our children to spend more time together, but with 8 siblings and cousins spread over 5 states, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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