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One of the food sites that I follow recently posted a call for people to post their favorite and most used cookbook.  That made me think.  What one cookbook would I pick?

My cookbooks are in my pantry.

I have several hard bound cookbooks that I use daily and many others that I use for specialty recipes.  I have a collection of church and organization cookbooks.  I love many of the old family favorite recipes that are found in these.  My collection of autographed cookbooks are stacked in here, too.

My recipe box sits on the floor of the pantry.

It contains hundreds of recipes clipped from the newspaper, all of those that I’ve had for years copied onto recipe cards, printed from the Internet, and others clipped from the backs of containers and copied from other places, too.

My sister gave me this recipe holder in 1993.  It has been a permanent fixture on my counter ever since.

But you can’t see it because it’s always filled with my stack of recipes to try.  There’s a lot of ’em.

My top three cookbooks are The Joy of Cooking (2 editions), Fanny Farmer, and Better Homes and Gardens (3 editions).  I also love the one Julia Child cookbook that I own.  I refer to these almost every day.  I use them more for reference than anything as I check out proportions and guidance on the many recipes that I try from other sources.

The bindings on all of my well used cookbooks are broken.  Thankfully, clothes pins come in handy to help prop them open.

But, my one go-to cookbook would have to be The Joy of Cooking.  I have 2 editions of this wonderful book.  I can sit down and read it like a novel.  It contains so much useful information on almost any food, including game (I’ve used it to cook pheasant and deer, for instance), fruits, vegetables, herbs, and preparation tips and techniques.  I consider this book a must have for any serious home cook.

True story – One of my kids took some Foods classes at school, and the teacher told them she hated The Joy of Cooking cookbook because it doesn’t have any pictures.  As in photographs because it does include a lot of drawings.  Pictures are wonderful to refer to when cooking, but, seriously you can also learn by reading, too.

I’m glad that I don’t have to choose just one cookbook.  As the world becomes smaller, I also enjoy eating and learning about foods from other cultures and from around the world.

Food – a great uniter of families and people.

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