Mary Fats – The Fourth Child

The fourth oldest child in my family growin’ up was another girl.  Her nickname was “Mary Fats.”  This is why.

Nicknames can be so hurtful, can’t they?  It’s a rather humorous nickname because she is now skinnier and weighs less than she did in high school.  Not many of us can say that!  She is a beautiful woman – inside and out.

She moved to southern California many years ago.  I took the three little girls to visit her when she lived in Hermosa Beach.  Here I am on the beach with the twins in 1995 (I think I have the correct year here).

I flew across country on standby with my three little girls just so I could get out of the house for few days.  It was quite an adventure – especially for the businessmen that got to sit next to two of them on the FULL flight.  Notice my brown headed kid standing on a mat.  She HATED the sand and refused to let it touch her feet.

Mary and her husband moved from southern California to Eugene, Oregon, when she was about 7 1/2 months pregnant with her first child.  I give her a LOT of credit for doing that.  I don’t think I could have switched doctors like that.

Her first child is a SON – one of only 4 boy cousins (out of 12).  Her second child is a girl.  They go to a Japanese immersion school.  Here is my niece with her Taiko drum about 3 years ago.

I love this picture!  She is IN charge of that drum!

We get to see them every year at Christmas.  Here is the entire family from last Christmas.

ALL visitors to our home over Christmas have to sit for the requisite “Santa hat picture in front of the tree.”

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