Checkin’ It Off the List

We have entered Lent – a time of reflection.  So I thought I would look back at what I’ve accomplished so far this year.  Have I checked anything off the list?  Or will I have to refocus over the next 40 days (and beyond)?

I like Lent because if there is something you really wanted to change about yourself, you can commit to do it over Lent and by the time it’s over, it should be a natural part of your life.  Lent lasts about the length of time it takes to develop a habit (hopefully, a good habit).  Well, it works in theory anyway.

We have been members of the Y for about 2 years.  I finally went in and had a physical fitness assessment done and an exercise regimen put in place.  And, I have actually been trying to go to the gym about 5 times every week.  I don’t always make that, but I am exercising to a plan regularly.  I’ve always been short and round, and I’ll always be short and round, but at least I’ll feel better as a short and round person.  My husband, who has never stopped exercising, still fits into his high school football jersey.  Darn him.

Okay, I still need to work on swearing less and not being a name caller.  Especially after dealing with one very frustrating insurance agent this week.  Erg.

I tried to plan a zip line tour for Spring Break.  I found one locally, and going to Costa Rica and zip lining through the rain forest is on my bucket list.  This is significant because I am terrified of heights.  The thought of doing this gives me sweaty palms.  My keyboard is getting slippery right now.  For real.  Unfortunately, the place is closed until April.  Why did they issue a Groupon if they weren’t even open yet?

Honey Do List.  We are making progress on our honey do list!  We have a quote to get the deck refinished.  Working out the details on that.  We’re (I use we very loosely here since it is my husband who is doing the work.  I’m just nagging him about it.) working on refinishing the bathroom cabinets to match the kitchen cabinets that we had done a few years ago.  We have a tree to plant to replace the one we lost last year.  I think we’ll complete our big projects for the year!

College for the twins.  One decision down and housing deposit made.  Working on our baby, the runner.  She labors over every decision.

We decided to cancel the newspaper.  Finally.  Canceling the newspaper makes me sad.  I am a tactile person and reading the paper in the morning at the table always made me feel so grown up.  Unfortunately, the newspaper contains very little news these days.  My baby, the runner has always wanted to be a journalist and has even been accepted into Mizzou’s Journalism School and Honors College.  I feel like I’m hurting her future profession.

Taxes done.  Check.

Cancel landline.  Check.

Annual physicals.  Check.

Now, we have time for fun.  It works in theory anyway.

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