Phoenix in February, Day One

After a flight delay, we managed to get into Phoenix late Wednesday night, and even made it to the hotel with only one mild meltdown on my part.  I get a little crabby when I’m tired.  I was navigating. The pilot didn’t read my mind about that right turn.  Imagine that!

Thursday was beautiful in Phoenix!  Phoenix had a high of 73° F.

At home it made it to 76° F.  Huh?

The guys did a honey-do project for my sister.

Then we went to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

There are some Dale Chihuly glass sculptures as you enter the Garden.

If you have ever been to the Bellagio Las Vegas, Dale Chihuly is the artist who made the stunning glass ceiling in the lobby (I believe it is titled Fiori di Como).

The inspiration for Theodor Geisl’s (Dr. Seuss) trees and plants had to come from the desert. 

The highlight of the day.  Watching our 14 year old nephew play baseball.  Isn’t he adorable?

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