Sibling Rivalry – The Third Child

When we were growing up, my next oldest sister and I were very close.  We shared a room.  We were the oldest two, and we were in charge.  Or at least we thought so.  Our next oldest sister was often left out in the cold.  She tried to join our club, but we wouldn’t let her in.  We would do really mean things to her like lock her out of our room.  After all, she was a baby, and she sucked her thumb.  For years.

But she was persistent.  She even kicked a hole in our bedroom door that went unrepaired for the entire time our parents owned that home.

She was a cute little kid.  How could we have been so mean to her?

Today, she is a lovely woman, and a friend to us.  At least I don’t think she continues to harbor any old grudges . . .

I have 5 daughters, my next oldest sister has 1 daughter, but this sister, the third oldest, has a SON.  The first grandson.  And she named her son after our brother and the only boy (out of 7 sisters) in our family.  So between 13 girls, there are 2 boys with the same name.  Here is a picture of the 7 oldest cousins on my side of the family that was taken on Thanksgiving 2009.  Yea, they’ve got it.

My sister was a single parent.  She works very hard.  She loves her son and her dogs.  And, unlike 5 of our siblings, she, along with my brother, lives near me.  And that means we get to see her.  And that is a good thing.

Here she is with her dog, Chi Chi.  Chi Chi is very protective.  One time when she was staying with us, I went into the bedroom to talk to her, and from under the covers, Chi Chi growled at me.  I wasn’t scared.

She just inherited a second dog, and here they are in their summer beachwear.  Chi Chi is on the left, and Marley is on the right.  Marley’s a little lover boy.

My nephew hates to see them dressed up like this.  Here he is at my oldest daugther’s wedding reception with his mom.  He’s in a band.  He’s awesome.  He loves my cookin’.  Just ask him.

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