What’s Cookin’ – Buffalo Chicken Dip

There are a lot of various recipes out there for Buffalo Chicken Dip.  This adaptation is courtesy of my son-in-law’s Aunt Jojo, and it is a family favorite.  This is not your crock pot version.  (Note: I’m still working on adding a printable page plug in to this site.  Bear with me, I’ll get there!)

My niece’s husband, Nick, LOVES this dip and expects to have it everytime they come to our home.  He is in the military and has been overseas for much of the time they have been married so he has rarely been around during the holidays.  He was home last holiday season and was sorely disappointed when I didn’t have this as an appetizer.  He didn’t realize that I only make it in the summer, and I didn’t realize how much he loves it.  Now I make sure to have it EVERY time he comes over.  For all the years he has spent in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and other places, he deserves it.  He also gives great hugs!

Here he is with my niece (this is my Irish twin’s daughter).  Semper Fi!

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