What’s Cookin’ – Poultry in a Pot (Gluten Free)

We had more snow today.  Ugh.  It’s cold and wintry outside and a perfect day for stew.  But I don’t make stew for my family because they don’t like stew.

I do, however, have a recipe that can best be described as chicken stew.  I got it from my friend, Kim, in 1998.  We were talking about it at a dinner meeting we were both at this past week.  She had forgotten all about this recipe so I sent it back to her.  I love it when a recipe can be recycled.  Thanks, Kim!

I have adapted the original recipe a little to add some flavor and dimension.

The ingredients.

Preheat oven to 300°.  Clean and dry the chicken breasts.  Salt and pepper the breasts on all sides.

Now the original recipe called for 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, but I think the skin and bones add flavor.  And I couldn’t find a package with 4 halves so I just used 3, and it worked out fine.  This recipe is very flexible, and that’s one reason to love it.

Add olive oil to coat the bottom of your Dutch oven.  Brown the chicken breasts on all sides.  Do not overcrowd which means you might have to do this in batches.  This is my new bright red Dutch oven.  Isn’t it pretty?

While the breasts are browning, peel and rough chop the carrots

and the celery.

Scrub and dice the potatoes.  Now you could peel them first, but leaving the skin on adds flavor and makes the dish a little more rustic.

Peel off the outer skin and rough chop the onion.

Rough chop the bell pepper after removing the stem, seeds, and membranes.

Remove the stems, clean, and slice the mushrooms.

Normally, I would use button mushrooms, but the Crimini mushrooms (baby Portabellas) looked fresher and work just as well.

Remove the browned breasts from the pan.  Don’t they look lovely?

Add a little additional olive oil, if necessary.  Toss the veggies into the pan.  Stir together and allow to sauté for just a few minutes.  Aren’t the colors lovely?

Add the spices, chicken broth, and wine.  If you don’t like wine or don’t have any on hand, feel free to substitute additional chicken stock.  Stir and place the browned chicken breasts on top.  Place the cover on your Dutch oven and bake for 3 hours or so.  Your home will smell heavenly!

After 3 hours, it will look like this.  Remove the chicken breasts.

Dig out the Bay leaf and remove it, too.  Its work is done.

Remove the skin, bones, and shred the chicken.  The skin and bones have also done their job of adding flavor to the dish.

Put the chicken back into the pot.

Give it a good stir.  Taste and add more salt and pepper, if necessary.  It is now ready to eat, or you can reheat it later.  If you like a little more broth, you may add some more at this point.

Poultry in a Pot ready to eat.  Now the chicken stew itself is gluten free, but eating this dish with some hearty French bread is delicious!

A great dish for a cold day.  Yummy!

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