My Sixth Daughter

We have had an extra 18 year old living with us since late last year.  Our lives have been blessed by having her in them.  But, she has a family that loves her, and they have been working on their challenges so I am happy to report that we helped her move back home this past weekend.

Of course, it is with mixed emotions that I helped unload her belongings back at her home.  I alluded to it here.

Today’s Zits comic strip described the agony of middle class comfort – “Whoa!  The suffering of never having suffered!  This describes my children’s lives.  And they don’t know how lucky they really are to have lived lives of middle class comfort and security.  And it is okay that they don’t know it because that’s how it should be for all kids everywhere.

This is the note that was left on my dresser by my sixth daughter (along with some Dove chocolate hearts).

Dear Momma,

“Home is where the heart is.”

You, Jack, and the girls have made me feel very loved and at home.  Thank you for all that you have done for me; I am so glad there are people as welcoming as you in the world.

Your support has made me stronger.  Your love has taught me what I need in life.  Your food has given me a happy tummy.  and your hugs have warmed me with smiles.

I don’t necessarily want to leave because you have become my family – though with your help I have learned to fight for what I want and I think it is time to work it out with my parents.

I have waited eighteen years for my dad to hug me, talk to me, and say I love you – and I can’t just throw that away.

Thank you so much – I love you.

See you often.


Your sixth Daughter.

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