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God’s Newest Angel

I have been a member of a local parents of multiples support group for the last 20 years.  It used to be a group just for moms, but we now allow dads to be members, and that is a good … Continue reading

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Remember When . . . Thongs Were Something You Wore on Your Feet?

Remember when . . . Thongs were something you wore on your feet? Waxing was something you did to floors? You didn’t pay to watch television? Cut and paste was something you did with scissors and glue? Reading the news … Continue reading

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The Empty Room (A Haiku)

We finally have an empty room.  And so the debate begins. Buy new furniture and fill it up?  No, that would defeat the goal of downsizing. Move the remaining two kids bedrooms around?  This possibility is creating challenges. What to do? … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen – Navigating the College Years From High School and Beyond

We’ve learned a lot from our kids as they’ve reached high school and college age.  Having five children allows one to not only learn how to navigate these years, but also allows one to use that knowledge with the younger … Continue reading

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Three women who helped shape my world view

We are the sum of our experiences.  I try to remember that when I wonder how people who have been raised in very similar circumstances to my own end up with vastly different opinions and outlooks on life, politics, and … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend Madness

We had a jam-packed 3-day Memorial Day weekend of cookin’, cleanin’, and fun. We said goodbye to a friend who has decided to make a career change and is moving back to her hometown along with her two adorable twin girls … Continue reading

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What We Can Learn About Art From Nature

As I walked around my yard the other day, I took some pictures of the various flowers and flowering plants, my herbs, and my little vegetable garden. Red and white geraniums. I plant geraniums in the pots by my front door … Continue reading

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50,000 and Counting

I continue to have great fun writing my blog which I do five days a week.  Apparently, I have a lot to say because I usually have about 2 dozen posts, in various stages of development, sitting in my queue. But, while … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen – Earth Day

Earth Day was yesterday and as I was reading about the history of Earth Day, I realized that it was a product of the 70s.  Why was this important to me? I am a child of the 70s.  That is, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Regrets of the Dying

A few months ago, I read an article titled, Top 5 Regrets of the Dying (you can read it here). The article was about a book by Bronnie Ware who is a writer and songwriter who spent several years caring … Continue reading

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